Co-Founder and President

Michélle du Plessis

Attorney, Conveyancer of the High Court of South Africa

Solicitor in England and Wales

Business Developer and Promotor

Michélle is a South African Attorney and Conveyancer as well as a registered Solicitor in England and Wales, member of the American Bar Association and the Co-Founder and President of FUTURAE Management Solutions GmbH situated in Switzerland and the FUTURAE Group Inc in the USA.

Michélle has more than 20 years of experience as a fierce and successful litigator, both in criminal and civil law. She has been responsible for successful verdicts in multiple murder cases, national tax fraud cases and high net value divorce cases. Although she specialized in complex, multi jurisdiction international commercial contract law, and international divorce law, she now focuses mainly on the convergence of complex and convoluted legal matters within the digital economy, such as the Blockchain and the Crypto world. She is also a legal expert in fiduciary and trust solutions, immigration, residency and citizenship.

Michélle is a member of the Crypto Valley situated in Zug Switzerland.  With her legal expertise and sound knowledge of multi jurisdiction contracts, FUTURAE Management Solutions GmbH provides her with the unique platform within the world of complex legal and digital Business Solutions, smart contracts and business management advisory services.

Co-Founder and CEO

Francois Scholtz

Global Business Leader

Leading Human Capital Executive


Francois is a global Business Leader, leading Human Capital Management Executive and Entrepreneur with more than twenty-five years of expertise in the most competitive and dynamic talent markets across the globe, including Wall Street and Silicon Valley. His focus is on evolving transformational leadership teams, creating healthy digital corporate cultures to innovate, and to deploy innovate talent acquisition and management solutions that intersects with the latest megatrends, including cloud and blockchain solutions.

Francois completed his International Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and his undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce in Industrial Psychology from the University of Johannesburg (formerly R.A.U.) in South Africa. Francois is a recognized global Human Capital Management industry thought leader, and has served as Guest Speaker at various conferences.